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Pellin UK

Kings Lynn

Pellin UK is based in Kings Lynn, Norfolk. The courses are run from there and various venues in London and Cambridge, depending on the requirements and preferences of participants. The training is part time and consists of one to five years study at Pellin UK. This training, while specialising in CT draws on other material from the history and literature of psychology, social work, therapy and education.

Students on the first year are taught and practise the basic tools of Contribution Training. The second year involves a deeper understanding of CT and Gestalt Therapy, which is a major influence both historically and in the daily practise of Pellin work. The third year is Contribution Training in relation to other schools of thought and practise. This year draws on a range of figures but in particular focusses on Martin Buber, Karl Rogers, Viktor Frankl, Albert Adler, Karl Marx, Robert Coles and Martin Luther King. The fourth and fifth years training for psychotherapy qualification are formulated around particular specialisations related to each student’s own career track.

The courses are committed to practical skills training, theoretical thoroughness and deep self knowledge. Each student’s course is planned to take account of individual needs, talent and ambitions. Some students enrol for a year’s certificate course to enhance their professional or personal development; others plan three years of study to achieve qualification as a counsellor and Pellin Practitioner, or five years to qualify as a psychotherapist.

The structure of the training is a four hour training group each week for three terms of ten weeks each. The courses start in October. There is a non residential weekend workshop each term. The residential requirement of the training takes place at Pellin Italy during the summer.

Graduates of Pellin Training Courses can pursue accreditation as counsellors or psychotherapists with the AHPP (The Association of Humanistic Psychology Practitioners). This accreditation leads to registration with UKRC (United Kingdom Register of Counsellors) or UKCP (United Kingdom Council on Psychotherapy).


The fees are avaiable on application.

Other Pellin UK Activities

Other Pellin work within the UK includes work for

  • outside organisations, particularly in the area of management training;
  • weekend workshops, often on relationships;
  • short introductory seminars;
  • therapy and counselling for families, couples and individuals.